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Amphan cyclone: Maruti Suzuki announces measures like vehicle towing & more for damaged cars

Maruti Suzuki network currently comprises of 425 service centres across the states of West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Maruti Suzuki has recently announced some relief measures for damaged cars in regions suffering from Amphan cyclone. the corporate reached bent customers beforehand in West Bengal , Andhra Pradesh , Odisha and Jharkhand to teach them on do©s and don©ts. The country©s largest car maker says that it's reached bent over 3 lakh Maruti Suzuki customers through SMS. Through this, the brand has informed them about preventive measures. additionally to the present , the corporate has also initiated a series of measures so as to quickly attend the affected and damaged customer cars.
Maruti Suzuki©s officials are assigned a neighborhood and their mobile number was shared with the purchasers in respective areas for help and support. the corporate says that each one the workshops within the affected areas have restarted operations to supply convenience to the purchasers . Moreover, Maruti Suzuki has engaged with seven vehicle towing agencies to supply seamless services to the purchasers . The spare parts have also been requisitioned on a fast-track basis so as to satisfy the urgent need.

Commenting on the initiative, Partho Banerjee, executive , Service, Maruti Suzuki India said that the present scenario in Amphan affected regions is extremely heart-breaking. He says that Maruti Suzuki is committed to make sure full-fledged support to the purchasers during this time of severity. Banerjee says that the corporate has found out exclusive teams to coordinate, monitor and also provide 24©7 support to customers within the least service workshops in the affected regions.

unrolled a group of detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for its service centres to stop spread of COVID-19 pandemic and these services are devised to make sure safety and well being of the purchasers and staff. Maruti Suzuki network currently comprises of 425 service centres across the states of West Bengal , Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand. Out of those , 84 workshops in West Bengal , 58 in Odisha, 72 in Andhra Pradesh and 5 in Jharkhand are operational.

choose doorstep services like ©Service on Wheels© and ©Pick and Drop©. With the said service initiatives, the purchasers needn't exit of their homes for car servicing amid the continued lockdown.