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The best images from Top Gear's Turbo issue

The best images from Top Gear's Turbo issue

1- We often blather on about the Porsche 911 Turbo S being the only car you’ll ever need. Little did we know that two days before lockdown a global pandemic would give us the chance to test this theory. Check out the full story and review of this 641bhp monster in the latest issue of Top Gear magazine.

2- Always wanted a 911 Turbo? Well, before you scratch that itch, let Chris Harris be your guide to all things blown pork thanks to his ultimate second-hand guide, available in the latest issue.

3- Once upon a time, 400bhp lived in the back of top-dog Ferraris. Now, you can find it tugging along £50k hatchbacks. Has the world gone mad? To find out, in this month‘s Top Gear Magazine we pit the new Mercedes A45 AMG vs Audi’s RSQ3 hatchback. Fight!

4- Can we ever forgive BMW for not making this M8? It used essentially the same V12 as the McLaren F1. It gave the lardy 8 Series some proper supercar appeal. Yet BMW got cold feet and never made it. You can read its fascinating story in the Retro section of the latest Top Gear Magazine.

5- 30 years separate these rufty-tufty Defenders. Pick up the new copy of #TopGearMagazine to see how things have progressed. But which one would you throw down a muddy lane?