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Pull the Pin Mod APK 0.35.1 (Unlock All, No ads) free Download

Download Pull the Pin APK – latest version – for Android to solve a variety of complex physics puzzles and keep your brain healthy!.


Developed by Popcore Games, Pull the Pin is an innovative puzzle physics game for APK Android which involves a series of well-designed levels to keep your brain busy during your commute or sitting bored at home. The aim of the game is to get the balls from the top of the level to the bottom, and rescuing as many as you can in the pot!
The levels start out quite simply, but get much more difficult as time progresses. From pulling the pins once or twice, you then have to start dealing with all sorts of trickery. There are color requirements, bombs, and even massive obstacles in your way. Do you have what it takes to master the Pull the Pin game?

How to Play Pull the Pin:

Pull the Pin is straight forwards, but tough . the sport does an honest job of teaching you the mechanics as you go. All you would like to try to to is swipe your finger and pull the pin. you would possibly be reminded of many other Android puzzle games, like Happy Glass and lots of others, and Pull the Pin doesn©t disappoint if you©re an enormous fan of the genre. This brain-teasing game is meant to stay you hooked when you©re bored or killing time on the train. Don©t worry © if you grind to a halt there's a touch function, and if you're really stuck, you'll always ask your friends for help.

Working your way through the amount:

Each level is an intricate puzzle. It©s kind of like an arcade game where you drop the coins, or you©re trying to route water from one end of the puzzle to subsequent . during this case, Pull the Pin involves many different balls. Sometimes you©ll just got to get as many balls to the top as possible, but sometimes you©ll got to confirm they interact with other colored balls and don©t get exploded by an enormous bomb.

Unlimited levels, unlimited fun:

One of the simplest things about Pull the Pin is that the sheer number of levels. Like all great Android puzzle games, you never want the fun to finish . Although the amount are simple at the beginning , and you would possibly complete 2-3 every minute, the sport gets progressively harder. By the time you reach level 400, it©s far more difficult than at the start . There are some adverts, but with a simple to download APK Mod, they©ll disappear!

If you grind to a halt , assistance is at hand:

Don©t worry. Pull the Pin is sort of forgiving, especially if you begin to urge stuck on the amount . you'll use the coins you earn while playing to get hints. You get more coins by collecting more balls, so confirm to finish every level to the simplest of your ability. These hints offer you an enormous clue on which pins you ought to pull first, and during which order you ought to complete the extent . If you get really stuck, assistance is right there! Don©t feel regrettable about taking a touch , sometimes you©ll need one to work out these tricky levels.

Training your brain:

One of the simplest things about Pull the Pin, and other Android games love it , is that these fun little time-killers also are great for keeping your brain sharp. There are many studies conducted that show playing puzzle games on your phone may be a great way of keeping your brain active and healthy. Solving the tricky puzzles involves tons of thought and time, keeping you focused instead of just watching a video or taking note of music. The challenge is true there and waiting, does one have what it takes to beat the physics puzzles all on your own?

Clever level design from Popcore Games:

Clever level design from Popcore Games
Pull the Pin has some really clever level design. The developers, Popcore Games, have mastered the art of designing an easy game with some really challenging mechanics. There also are regular updates with new levels added (if you are doing manage to finish them all!) and that they often add bug fixes and other updates to stay the sport running smoothly.